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Please see below for commonly used and requested forms. If what you are looking for is not here, please reach out to the lodge Secretary and request it be added.

NYLT Scholarship Application

The Order of the Arrow, Chattahoochee Lodge is honored to offer this scholarship opportunity to Scouts who have registered for National Youth Leadership Training. Scholarships will cover up to half of the registration cost. Applicants must be registered in a Chattahoochee Council Troop to be eligible for the scholarship. Scholarship applications will be considered for approval as they are received. There is a limited amount of money available for scholarships, so please submit the scholarship application as soon as possible. Completed scholarship applications or questions can be emailed to: Bobby Childs at

2022 First Year Youth Arrowman Award

Any first-year YOUTH Arrowman inducted in 2022 and completes the requirements on the form below will be awarded the Chattahoochee Lodge First Year Youth Arrowman Award. We hope that you will meet new friends, find new interests, and get a head start on the path of service that is so central to the OA.
You will be awarded one restricted First Year Youth Arrowman Flap upon completion of the requirements at no cost. It will be a special blue mylar Brotherhood Lodge Flap.   These flaps are not for sale.  No one in Chattahoochee Lodge who has not been awarded the First Year Arrowman Award will ever be given the special Brotherhood Lodge Flap or be able to purchase it.

Service Flap Requirements and Tracking Form

This form contains the requirements for earning the service flap. Please use this form to track hours for service flap award.  Once completed, please submit form to lodge service committee for processing at

Reimbursement Request Form

Please use this form to request reimbursement for purchases of supplies and materials for lodge events.  Make sure and include legible copies of all receipts. Once completed, please submit form to lodge Treasurer for processing.

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