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Memories of Caleb Klein

Your Memory of Caleb

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Eric Hood

My first distinct memory of Caleb was when he and his fellow Arrow of Light Scouts visited our Troop. Caleb was fully engaged, so kind, full of energy, always had good input, and inherited his fathers humor. I will always see that young red headed kid in the room with a smile plastered on his face. I am grateful that Caleb joined our Troop and that I had the opportunity to know such an incredible Scouting brother.


I also had the privilege of administering Caleb's Brotherhood test in the OA. As I recall Caleb and his dad each received their Ordeal & Brotherhood together, such a special opportunity.


Bobby Childs

One of my favorite memories of Caleb was from the Fall Fellowship in 2022 which was his first scouting event back after his surgery. First seeing Caleb walk into the dining hall with his crutches brought most of us to the edge. Then later that day he wanted to attend the brotherhood ceremony. We worked it out so Eric drove him and Joe up to the ring in his side by side to watch. At the end of the ceremony when everyone circles up to sing, Caleb, without saying anything to Eric or Joe, starts to get out and walk up to the ring!

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